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The Snare Buzz Mute is great for solo practice, band rehearsals and gigs where you just don’t want snare buzz. And it’s quick and easy to turn on and off while performing.

The Snare Buzz Mute is fully adjustable for each snare drum to precisely eliminate unwanted buzz. The mute can alter the snare drum sound slightly but maintains a great snare drum sound with a nice pop.

Eliminating unwanted snare buzz does result in a welcome clean and natural sound from all the drums in the kit.

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Weight .286 kg
Dimensions 31.9 × 10.9 × 12.2 cm

1 review for Snare Buzz Mute

  1. David Demeter

    I’d like to share an amazing and much needed new drum product I just experienced. This is the first of it’s kind and it fills a void that could be the missing element to every drummer’s drum set. Finally, a solution to unwanted snare buzz from sympathetic vibrations. 

    Until now, all drummers, producers and engineers have tried to just work around snare buzz. We’ll tune our drums to an undesirable pitch. And engineers will try to EQ the buzz away only to change the desired sound of the drums including the snare drum itself. 

    Here’s the solution, the Snare Buzz Mute. It’s incredibly designed, manufactured and packaged.

    ” Your drums won’t leave home without it” 

    I promise you. 

    David Demeter – Owner of The Drum Lab – Laguna Hills, Ca. Drummer, instructor, engineer/producer, songwriter and a Snare Buzz Mute user. 

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