How To Use

For adjusting and testing the SBM hit the tom that gives you the most snare buzz.  It’s usually the smaller toms.


1.  Remove the snare drum from the snare drum stand.

2.  With the lever of the SBM positioned at the back (bottom) of the ramp and the lever pointing in the direction of the drummer (see figure 2.1), align the 3 slots in the SBM over the 3 arms of the snare drum stand and then seat firmly (see figure 2.2).

3.  Place the snare drum back on the stand and tighten the stand basket but not completely.

4.  Stack the magnetic spacer pads on the SBM until they are close to 1/2 inch (13mm) from the snare wires (see Figure 4.1).  Be sure to line up the arrows on the spacer pads with the arrow on the lever.  The pads will then magnetically lock in place (see Figure 4.2).

5.  Push the lever of the SBM forward until it locks in place at the top of the ramp.  This will raise the SBM 1/2 inch.  Hit the toms and check for snare buzz.  Hit the snare and check for sound quality.  The least amount of pressure on the snare wires that eliminates snare buzz will give the snare drum the best sound.

6.  Adjustments can be made by:

  • Raising and lowering the height of the SBM by adding or removing spacer pads.

  • Using the middle (2nd notch) on the SBM ramp for less mute effect.

  • Loosening or tightening the snare stand basket.

7.  Fine tuning is best done by loosening or tightening the snare stand basket.  Loosening the basket (turning the adjustment knob clockwise) results in less buzz.  Tightening the basket (turning the adjustment knob counterclockwise) results in more buzz.

8.  The SBM can be easily turned on and off by moving the lever forwards and backwards.

It’s easy to eliminate snare buzz 100% with the SBM.  However, reducing the snare buzz by 90 to 99% can be desirable too, especially if you prefer minimal effect on the regular sound of the snare drum.


While the Snare Buzz Mute works with any set up, we recommend the following for a great snare drum sound.


  1. PURESOUND CUSTOM PRO snare wires work best with the Snare Buzz Mute.
  2. EVANS GENERA DRY batter heads provide a nice crack with high attack and very little ringing and overtones.
  3. Set the snare wires a little less tight than usual.
  4. Tune the batter head a little lower than usual.

Also, GIBRALTAR DOUBLE BRACED SNARE STANDS (#5706) are recommended for the great price and the very easy Snare Buzz Mute adjustments.